Ask The Expert: Tips for Registering

by Ryan Conner | December 12, 2012

Ask The Expert- Tips for Registering

Thanks to Stephen Dankesreiter, Creative Director at Polly DuPont, for answering this week’s reader question:

Registering can be overwhelming! Are there any tips or organizational tools to ensure an effortless, enjoyable process?

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How To Get Started On Your Registry

by Kristin Hull | April 4, 2012


Thanks to Olescia Hanson, spokesperson for The Container Store, for answering this week’s reader question:

What’s the 411 on a wedding registry? I have no idea where to begin. Help!

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Is It Necessary to Buy a Gift For Every Wedding Event?

by Kristin Hull | January 4, 2012


Thanks to Joanne Kersten, JWIC, of Le Glacé Events for answering this week’s reader question:

I’m on a tight budget and the thought of getting a bachelorette gift, shower gift and wedding gift for my soon-to-be married friend stresses me out. Am I required to bring a gift to every event? What if I get invited to more than one shower?

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