Engaged: Marissa Chavez and Matt Driscoll

by Courtney Cox | March 3, 2015

Marissa and Matt met their freshman year of high school. Bonding over their love of soccer and swimming, they started out as friends. By the summer before their junior year, […]

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Engaged: Shamika Hill and Davion McGill

by Ryan Conner | February 24, 2015

Shamika moved to Texas in August of 2011 to accept a new job. When she was offered the opportunity to relocate from Oklahoma, she jumped at the chance to be […]

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Engaged: Erika Briceño and John Howard

by Ryan Conner | February 10, 2015

Erika and John met at Southern Methodist University. She was running for student body secretary and he saw her signs around campus. He asked a mutual friend to make the […]

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Engaged: Amanda Giesler and Alex Davis

by Ryan Conner | February 3, 2015

Alex and Amanda met when they were young teenagers. Amanda recalls getting her first phone with text messaging and Alex was the first guy to send her a message. Although […]

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Engaged: Sydney Holt and Alex Leonard

by Courtney Cox | January 27, 2015

Sydney and Alex had their first date at The Porch, where they bonded over their love for their dogs (hers, a mini-longhaired dachshund named Fritz and his, a golden retriever […]

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Engaged: Lauren Lapeyre and Quint Brown

by Ryan Conner | January 20, 2015

Lauren and Quint met over Memorial Day weekend at a mutual friend’s lake house. The pair immediately hit it off. The following week, Quint asked Lauren to dine at Mi […]

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Engaged: Jessica Hunt and Michael Huff

by Ryan Conner | January 13, 2015

Michael and Jessica met in college while attending the University of Texas. Jessica’s roommate had a class with Michael and she set them up on a blind date. Jessica dated […]

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Engaged: Jane Foley and James Van Lare

by Ryan Conner | December 30, 2014

Jane and James met through mutual friends. However, they really got to know one another when they both started taking photographs for Santa Claus at NorthPark Mall. (The manager is […]

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