Engaged: Sarah Torrence and Michael Shapleigh

by Ryan Conner | July 22, 2014


When Michael and Sarah were attending Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University, they were both enrolled in the same required class for business majors. They both agree it […]

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Engaged: Lauren Filipski and Matt DeFord

by Ryan Conner | July 15, 2014


Lauren was home from college for the summer and looking forward to entering her senior year at Texas Tech. Her mom, brother, and best friend Rachel spent a hot summer […]

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Engaged: Tina Lalangas and Gavin Minnis

by Ryan Conner | July 8, 2014


Tina Lalangas and Gavin Minnis can thank their mutual friend Lindsay for “accidentally” setting the couple up. Tina and Lindsay were dental school pals and Lindsay invited Tina to her […]

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Engaged: Britta Lofgren and Derek Noble

by Ryan Conner | July 1, 2014


Britta Lofgren and Derek Noble traveled from their homes in Minneapolis and Dallas to the St. Louis wedding of her dear friend and his cousin. Neither Britta or Derek believed […]

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Engaged: Lauren Rath and Nikolaus Melder

by Ryan Conner | June 10, 2014


It was at a family vacation at the beach in Hilton Head, South Carolina that brought Nik and Lauren together. Nik, a Richmond, Virginia native and college student and Lauren, […]

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Engaged: Heather Crabtree and Tyler Ross

by Ryan Conner | June 3, 2014


Tyler Ross and Heather Crabtree met at TABC, a former restaurant/bar hotspot in Uptown. (R.I.P beloved TABC). They hung out with friends until the sun came up and Tyler—as any […]

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Engaged: Missy Boyle and Nathan Brown

by Ryan Conner | May 27, 2014


Nathan Brown approached Missy Boyle at a bar in uptown and introduced himself as “guy number four.” He told his friends that he wouldn’t leave the bar until he got […]

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Engaged: Lauren Lee and Garrett Cockrill

by Ryan Conner | May 13, 2014


Garrett and Lauren first crossed paths while they were young children in Mount Pleasant, Texas. They attended the same church and his mother was her piano teacher. When Garrett was […]

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