Engaged: Katie Dysert and Kent Kirkwood

by Jessica Jones | October 14, 2014


Katie Dysert’s memory of meeting her fiancé plays like a movie. And that’s not just because it was the moment she met the man she would eventually spend the rest […]

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Engaged: Kimberly Jones and Cory Brandon

by Margaux Anbouba | October 7, 2014


Kimberly Jones and Cory Brandon are the kind of couple people write stories (or blog posts!) about. When Kimberly moved to Houston from Corsicana during her junior year of high school, […]

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Engaged: Candice Alven and Derek Dehoyos

by Jessica Jones | September 30, 2014


Sometimes it takes some time for two seemingly parallel paths to intersect. Such was the case for Candice Alven and Derek Dehoyos, who both attended Texas Tech University and graduated […]

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Engaged: Brittany Bundren and Daniel Smith

by Margaux Anbouba | September 23, 2014


It was fate, and a shared passion for servitude, that brought Brittany Bundren and Daniel Smith together. After Brittany moved to Dallas from College Station she began volunteering at The Porch, […]

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Engaged: Emily Fisher and Matthew Schultz

by Margaux Anbouba | September 9, 2014

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Although they didn’t know it when they became Facebook friends, Emily Fisher and Matthew Schultz have a lot in common. After a few years of seeing each other on social […]

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Engaged: Lacey Horne and Tanner Larsen

by Jessica Jones | September 2, 2014


When Lacey Horne and Tanner Larsen met at the offices of The Dallas Morning News, where they both worked, they quickly realized how much they had in common. They struck […]

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Engaged: Brooke McNeil and Justin Reed

by Margaux Anbouba | August 26, 2014


Brooke and Justin met at Texas A&M, where they were both taking classes in the Accounting program. While they started out as friends, their relationship eventually grew into a romantic […]

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Engaged: Kristi Noel and Adam Roye

by Jessica Jones | August 19, 2014


It was a twist of social-media fate that brought Kristi Noel and Adam Roye together. Well, technically, it brought Kristi’s sister and Adam together first. Adam, a studio musician and […]

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Engaged: Judi Kim and Michael Cheng

by Ryan Conner | August 12, 2014


Judi and Michael always knew of each other, but never got a chance to hang out until 2010. Their mutual groups of friends hung out almost every weekend going to […]

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Engaged: Sarah Torrence and Michael Shapleigh

by Ryan Conner | July 22, 2014


When Michael and Sarah were attending Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University, they were both enrolled in the same required class for business majors. They both agree it […]

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