Engaged: Chelsea Springfield & Jameill Showers

The Couple

Chelsea Springfield and Jameill Showers met at Texas A&M. Five years later, they will be married on March 17, 2018.

Chelsea met Jameill through his roommate, Clay, one night at their apartment. As she was leaving, Chelsea “awkwardly” introduced herself to Jameill only to see him in her history class the next week.

“Jameill and I became really good friends that semester,” Chelsea says. “I even helped him write a history paper, and he got a better grade on it than I did!”

The strict lines of “just friends” began to blur the fall of Chelsea’s sophomore year when Jameill told her that he liked her.

“I remember calling my mom in tears, telling her that I was going to lose my friend,” Chelsea says. “I told her that I didn’t see him as anything more, but, if I did ever date him, I would marry him.”

Chelsea and Jameill remained friends, but, at one point, their relationship grew along with Jameill’s persistence, and Chelsea thanks God that it did.

The Proposal

Jameill proposed to an astonished Chelsea Easter weekend at the Dallas Arboretum. Chelsea, believing that she was in complete control and that their families were away and busy for the weekend, made plans with her friend Catelyn and her fiancé who were staying in Dallas for the weekend, too.

“Everyone played it off so well,” Chelsea says. “[Jameill] acted like he had never been to the Arboretum, although he had walked the entire thing to set up the proposal days before, and he let me help him “navigate.”

Chelsea met Catelyn at the Sunken Garden with their men at tow. Catelyn guided Chelsea, unsuspecting and talking, to the other side of the garden.

“I see this sign that says, “Will you marry me?”,” Chelsea says. “I turned to Jameill so I could show him how cute of a proposal idea it was—I thought it was for someone else. Once I turned around, he was getting down on one knee and I realized it was for me.”

Chelsea was completely shocked and frozen in place.

“Once I said “yes” and he put the ring on, we hugged and, then I heard cheering,” Chelsea says. “He had both of our families there and a photographer. It was seriously so perfect and a day I will cherish forever.”

The Wedding

Chelsea and Jameill will be getting married at The Grand Ivory in Leonard, Texas in an open-air chapel that overlooks a pond. Chelsea does marketing for EDGE Realty Capital Markets and Jameill is a safety for the Dallas Cowboys.

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