Engaged: Sydney Medlen & Wells Tucker

The Couple

Sydney Medlen and Wells Tucker both grew up in the suburbs of Dallas and attended the University of Arkansas, but it would take two aunts and a phone call for them to connect. It all started when an aunt of a friend of Sydney’s told her to expect a call from a boy named Wells. Upon investigation, Sydney found out that her own aunt and Wells’s mom were very close friends; they had gone to church together since before Sydney or Wells were born. Sydney was looking forward to meeting Wells, but two weeks went by, and there was still no phone call. Turns out, he had called and left a voicemail, but Sydney’s voicemail wasn’t set-up properly, so she never received it. Finally, after Sydney gave Wells a call back, they scheduled drinks. Two hours into the date, Wells asked Sydney if she wanted to get dinner, too. When they went outside, it was pouring rain. Instead of rain checking their dinner date, they heated up frozen pizza at Wells’s apartment, where they sat on the floor with his dog, Riggs, and talked for hours. One year and many dates later, he proposed.

The Proposal

Sydney and Wells were planning a trip to New York with Sydney’s family, to visit her dad who was working there at the time. Wells mentioned that he was interested in going ice skating in Central Park first thing that Friday morning. At the park, Wells led Sydney to the rock that overlooks the bridge. While climbing the rock, Sydney was protesting – she was wearing boots that had little traction. Little did she know that he had a proposal in store at the top. When they reached the scenic peak, with the quintessential New York buildings and greenery surrounding them, he got down on one knee. They spent the rest of the weekend celebrating with Sydney’s family.

The Wedding

Sydney and Wells will be married on January 13, 2018, at Perkins Chapel at Southern Methodist University. Their reception will be held at the Room on Main.

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