Engaged: Tara Hafertepe & Nick Kennedy

The Couple

Tara, born and raised in Dallas, went to Texas A&M to study communications and business after graduating from Ursuline Academy. She currently works in the marketing department at Sewell Automative Companies. Nick, one state over, attended the Catholic High School for Boy in Little Rock and then went on to the University of Arkansas, where he graduated with a degree in Economics. He works in the real estate group of Texas Capital Bank. Tara and Nick both moved to Dallas after college in May 2012, and even ran around the same parts of town, until the dating app, Hinge, brought them together. On their first date at Stampede 66, Tara and Nick lost track of time, so much so that the staff had to eventually force them out at close. That night, they discovered how many mutual friends that have, as well as their shared love for music, the outdoors, SEC football, family, and faith.

The Proposal

After dating for two years, Nick did what any gentleman would do: he asked for Tara’s father’s permission to marry his daughter. Once he received her father Joe’s blessing, he began planning: he would ask Tara three months later, at the Hafertepe family vacation in California (which he had secured an invitation to). Nick coordinated with her father as well as Tara’s youngest sister who was planning the vacation, and they decided to extend the trip now that a proposal was on the horizon. The family would spend the beginning of the vacation in Santa Clara and San Francisco, and then round out the trip in wine country, where the proposal would take place. Nick also got his family on board and planned for them to be there on the day of.

Tara suspected something was going on, but Nick’s calm demeanor throughout the trip convinced her otherwise. The morning of, Nick and Tara went on a bike ride through wine country before going wine tasting at Cast Winery. Tara wanted them to take selfies together on the scenic route, but Nick refused (for “safety” and knowing what was coming up later that day). When Nick and Tara arrived at the vineyard and saw Tara’s family, Nick quickly pulled Tara aside to “take those selfies” she had desperately wanted earlier. They began walking into the vineyard. Tara noticed a bottle of wine on a picnic table under an oak tree. As they walked toward the table, Nick asked Tara to pick up the bottle. Confused, Tara picked it up. The label read, “Will you marry me?” Finally, Nick got down on his knee and asked for Tara’s hand. Shocked, she quickly handed him the bottle of champagne, not understanding what was happening. After she was able to process it all and they shared several moments of excitement, the couple walked back and celebrated with their families with lunch and wine.

The Wedding

Tara and Nick will be married on March 17, 2018 at St. Monica Catholic Church in Dallas, Texas. Tara’s grandfather is a deacon at St. Monica and will marry the couple in the same church her parents were married at over 32 years ago. Following the ceremony, the reception will be held at Union Station.

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