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Local Jewelers dish on diamonds—from the latest trends to which center cut reigns supreme.

Make the Cut

The most popular engagement ring cut for Dallas brides is the classic round diamond, followed closely by the cushion.



“Dallas brides seem to gravitate most toward traditional round diamonds. It is classic and always in style.”
–Matthew Trent
“One of the most popular cuts right now is the cushion. It evokes an antique style with a vintage, romantic feel.”
–Denis boulle, de Boulle



The average center-stone carat size for Dallas brides tends to be a little larger than the national average. Is anyone surprised?

Don’t fret if your rock isn’t as big. According to Heidi Lipinski at Bachendorf’s, the average size for a center diamond on an engagement ring in the United States is a ¾ carat. Worldwide, less than 4 percent of women will have a single diamond that is a 1 carat or larger. But, she notes: “Diamonds, like everything else, seem to be larger in Texas.”

I Can See Your Halo


The halo—a setting that encases the center stone in a collection of pavé diamonds—is a popular look for Dallas brides. But is it merely a trend? Or is the halo here to stay?

“Yes, it is here to stay. Good news is that I am seeing more and more variations of the halo that can give each bride-to-be her own unique look that is as special as she is.” –Heidi Lipinski, Bachendorf’s
“This is a trend that we will eventually see less and less of.” –Denis Boulle, de Boulle
“While the halo is a prominent style and many design houses include the halo in their collections, we’re seeing brides opt away from it or reinvent it in a unique way.” –Kim Burgan, Nine-Eighteen Fine Jewelry

With This Bling

The most brilliant trends in engagement rings and wedding bands

“We are loving beautiful, warm colors of rose gold and yellow gold in the designs we are creating. These two metal tones make the diamonds pop beautifully.” –Lance Shapiro, Shapiro Diamonds
“For the past few decades, white precious metals have dominated the engagement ring market, but yellow gold is coming back strong and that makes us excited.” –Kim Burgan, Nine-Eighteen Fine Jewelry
“Classic is back, such as simple solitaire rings set in white gold or platinum accompanied with a wedding band featuring a design or different color precious metal.” –Richard Eiseman, Eiseman Jewels
“We love that more and more young women are adding rose gold to their consideration!” –Bill Noble, William Noble Rare Jewels
“We really like when the [engagement ring and wedding band] set is not an exact match. Creating the perfect wedding set does not have to be a matching set, and we like to mix in different patterns, open space, and varying sizes of diamonds.” –Matthew Trent

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Charlie Rose says:

February 28th, 2017 at 10:20am

Questions more than comments……What are the best questions to ask for a guy shopping for quality and good value in an engagement ring? How can you tell if a jeweler is being straight ? What type of sales pitch should I run away from ? from a nervous pre-fiancee