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Spring/Summer 2015

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Be Playful with Polka Dots

Put a creative spin on a classic color palette.



Good Advice

by Ryan Conner

-+*Our panel of experts gives guidance on everything from budget planning and dress shopping to how to address your invitations. […]

IN DEEP: There is no shortage of things to do at Atlantis. Hang out by the pool, get rejuvenated at the spa, or take a dip with dolphins—or do all three.

Honeymoon: From Aisle to Isle

by Margaux Anbouba

-+*Any wedding-day worries will be miles away when you honeymoon at the Atlantis, Paradise Island. You’ve walked down the aisle, […]

ADVENTURE TIME: Swing in a hammock, swim your heart out, and eat the freshest of seafood during your stay at this luxury resort.

Honeymoon: Natural Wonder

by Krista Nightengale

-+*Belcampo Lodge is the perfect place for honeymooners with a sense of adventure. There’s a saying in southern Belize that […]

Real Weddings

Becky Dixon & Aaron Clark

by Allison Hatfield

-+*Superstition holds that rain on your wedding day is good luck. But you’ll be hard-pressed to find a bride who […]

Jane O’Connor & Trey Crawford

by Allison Hatfield

-+*Two days in a row, Jane O’Connor and Trey Crawford left their Uptown gym at the same time. They didn’t […]

Allison Young & Jeremy Scott

by Laura Kostelny

-+*Weddings are traditionally a pretty good place to meet potential love interests. But for Allison Young and Jeremy Scott, an […]

Stacey James & Jace Mattinson

by Allison Hatfield

-+*Stacey James met Jace Mattinson shortly after they’d each moved to Dallas, and it didn’t take them long to realize […]

Adriel Nelson & Leroy Maxwell Jr.

by Allison Hatfield

-+*Adriel Nelson met Leroy Maxwell Jr. at her cousin’s wedding. “He was the life of the party,” Adriel recalls. And […]

Aimee Hoyer & Nicholas Macpherson

by Allison Hatfield

-+*“In sickness and in health” is a fitting phrase for a couple of doctors to include in their wedding vows. […]

Brianna Baxter & John Paul Noland

by Allison Hatfield

-+*When John Paul Noland ordered a side salad on their first date, Brianna Baxter knew she was with someone who […]

Jourdin McMinn & Chris Hendrix

by Ryan Conner

-+*Though they both went to Coppell High School, Jourdin McMinn and Chris Hendrix ran in different circles. But they eventually […]

Kelly Bridgeman & Michael Noel

by Allison Hatfield

-+*Kelly Bridgeman and Michael Noel met through their work as management consultants. They were friends before realizing they wanted to […]

Jody Martin & Kyle Stein

by Laura Kostelny

-+*It was not exactly love at first sight for Jody Martin and Kyle Stein. The first time they met, Jody […]

Angela Dupont & Benjamin Hall

by Allison Hatfield

-+*Having spent seven years as a wedding planner, Angela Dupont knew she wanted something completely different for her own nuptials. […]

Anne Dillavou & Read Castleberry

by Allison Hatfield

-+*The snow that fell in Dallas in February 2010 was the most ever recorded in a 24-hour period in the […]

Taylor Youpa & Matthew Johnson

by Jessica Jones

-+*When Matt Johnson met Taylor Youpa at a pub in Dallas, they were each out with friends. But once they […]

Saba Syed & Sayed Zaman

by Margaux Anbouba

-+*For Saba Syed and Sayed Zaman, it all began with a walk in Fort Worth. She was 15 and he […]

Katherine Streder & Darren Smith

by Allison Hatfield

-+*After dating Katy Streder for six years, Darren Smith asked her to marry him on the patio at Velvet Taco. […]

Kensey Gilbert & Ross Rabun

by Allison Hatfield

-+*Kensey Gilbert and Ross Rabun have a tradition: Hot Tuesday date night. Every other Tuesday, they take turns planning an […]