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Luke Wilson Events

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From a very young age, Luke has been surrounded by the energy of joyous gatherings, helping his family cater weddings and parties in his hometown. Luke loved arranging the flowers, baking the cake, sending the bride down the aisle, and watching everyone celebrate from his corner of the room. He never imagined that 20 years later, he would have planned more than 700 weddings and private parties. Luke has hired celebrity entertainment, managed guest lists of more than 1,200 guests, and traveled mountain-high to sleepy beach towns to find the perfect venue—all the while maintaining a very personalized relationship with each of his clients.

For The Bride Who

The Luke Wilson Events client is devoted to giving his or her guests the best time of their lives.  They realize the importance of not just pretty flowers and tasty cakes but providing guests with an experience that will thrill them and last a lifetime.  LWE clients seek a customized event filled with high-touch service and lots of personal details.  The Luke Wilson Events team has worked tirelessly to curate a combination of the best food, wine, décor, and music for their clients to offer them the very best.


Full Service Event Planning and Design for Local and Destination Events


Available upon request