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Breaking Down the Different Types of Wedding Planners

When planning your big day, it’s helpful to be in the right hands. We spoke with four expert planners who broke down the different types of planning packages. You might recall we already spoke with Jess Wegner about month-of planning, and today, Chloe Allday of Allday Events tackles the definition of partial planning.

Partial Planning

This option can vary somewhat from planner to planner, but generally speaking, partial planning depends on how long you work with your planner (usually six to eight months out) and how many meetings you have (typically four to six). Some planners will just work on specific services with you, like finding vendors or developing the design. “Partial planning is for a client that needs some help and direction with aspects of the planning process but not all,” says Allday. “Most clients want to be involved and have the time to dedicate to the process, but they need guidance as to what they should be doing and when—they want someone to make sure they are heading in the right direction.” Partial planning often includes wedding-day coverage with at least one assistant.

Planner’s Duties

  • Find and contract vendors
  • Develop design of event

Bride’s Duties 

  • Communicate vision
  • Give input on vendors


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