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The All-Time Best “Getting Ready” Wedding Playlist, Thanks to My Sister Bride

Everyone has their own opinion on what actually “makes or breaks” a wedding. For my sister Maisie, it’s the music. So for her own wedding, instead of opting for the more traditional band, she went with a DJ (Jennifer Miller, who killed it). But when it came to the morning of the wedding, Maisie was left to her own devices. Let it be noted that ever since I was in elementary school, I’ve admired Maisie’s DJ skills—she really put Napster to work (and this was before “shuffle” existed, so song-to-song transitions were key). Of course, her “getting ready” playlist, filled with everyone from the Beach Boys to Marvin Gaye, couldn’t have been more perfect. Find it, along with more playlists, on our Spotify account. Go ahead, steal it, no copyright infringement here.

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