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Five Easy Wedding Posing Tips from a Dallas Wedding Photographer

We all want to look our best in photos, especially in such an image-sharing culture. Some feel natural striking a pose and know all the right angles, but many feel awkward in front of the camera, often becoming rigid or stiff. Dallas and destination wedding photographer Allen Tsai is no stranger to directing a crowd in front of his camera. After photographing weddings for more than 7 years, Allen takes notice of each person’s pose and comfortability—from bride and groom to wedding guest. He shares with us a few sure-fire tips and tricks to conquer initial posing anxiety and to achieve portraits worthy of the mantel.

1. Create Curves

“With feet close together and weight on your back foot, bend the outside knee. This creates spacing and flattering curves in photographs,” Allen says.

2. Retire the ‘Skinny Arm’

“I prefer arms down and loose instead of the old hand-on-the-hip—it appears less posed,” Allen says. He mentions lightly shaking your arms and shoulders so your elbow will naturally bend.  “As long as you are creating space between the arms and body, it will provide a slimming effect,” he mentions.

3. Turn to the Ones You Love

Generally when posing with others, women should slightly angle their bodies towards each other forming a V. Men look best square to the camera,” Allen says.

4. Mind the Gap

“Stand close to one another to avoid gaps and a variety of spacing,” Allen says.

5. Props Can Be a Good Thing

“Don’t be too quick to hide the drink,” he says. “Holding an object, like a drink, allows the arm to naturally bend and gives you something to do with your hands,” Allen says.

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