Engaged: Terésa Sinacola & Rowan Burch

The Couple

Both Terésa Sinacola and Rowan Burch were born and raised in Dallas. In fact, they both went to John Paul II Catholic High School, where they met when they were just sixteen. One day, senior year, Rowan asked Terésa to a country concert. That concert led to seven years of dating, as the two traveled north of the Red River to the University of Oklahoma for college. Terésa graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Human Relations, and Rowan in Finance, and now they are back to where it all began: their hometown, Dallas. They currently reside in Uptown. Terésa works at Color Box Letterpress & Design, a boutique design studio, and Rowan is in commercial real estate brokerage and investment.

The Proposal

To Terésa, the proposal could not have been more of a surprise. Rowan was not being one hundred percent honest when he told Terésa he “had plans” to watch the Cowboys vs. Packers playoff game with his friends. Meanwhile, Terésa had made her own plans: she was off to a new member meeting at the Nasher Sculpture Center with Rowan’s mom. When she and his mom arrived at the Nasher, Terésa didn’t suspect a thing when they were instructed to go downstairs to the projection room. Confusion set in as Rowan’s mom began to leave the room, and a movie started to play on the projector. It was a slideshow of photographs of Rowan and Terésa, throughout the years. Moments later, Rowan walked in from the back of the room with flowers and a smile. When the movie was over, Rowan asked Terésa to follow him outside. There, in the back garden filled with string lights, flowers, and champagne, he got down on one knee.

The Wedding

The couple will be married in Bay Harbor, Michigan on Lake Michigan, where Terésa spent her summers growing up, on July 14, 2018.

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