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Rihanna’s Stylist Nini Nguyen Fashions a Modern Take on the Exit Look

nini-nguyenSlipping on a send-off dress at the end of the wedding reception is seeing a revival. The tradition evolved from a practical purpose with brides choosing a more comfortable pantsuit or dress for honeymoon travel. But now, it’s merely an excuse for a wardrobe change and photo opp—and for local stylist Nini Nguyen—a time to have fun. “It’s also about taking a bit of a risk to do something out of the box for your big day, but still keeping very elegant,” she explains. Here she offers up advice for styling your own getaway moment.

“It’s once in your life. Do something different.” –Nini Nguyen

Nguyen’s styling tips:

Make a plan

Pick out three stores to try on dresses so that you don’t get overwhelmed.“Overdoing it creates confusion. Minimize it.”

Stick to solid colors

in shades of pastels, cream, or white. (She even recommends tangerine!)  Busy patterns can be too trendy.

Add a pop of color

with the shoe. Make your statement with accessories.

Photography: Elizabeth Lavin
Hair and Makeup: Briana Dai
Model: Dean/Wallflower Management
Art Direction: Hamilton Hedrick

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