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A Guide To Groom’s Ties and Tuxedo Trimmings

A groom’s neckwear says a lot about him. We asked Julian Leaver, the invariably dapper founder of Julian Leaver Events, to give us a primer on guys’ ties and knots—from bows to bolos.

  • The Bow Tie: A classic choice, a bow tie says of its wearer, “You’re a man who knows how to navigate a good martini,” says Leaver.
  • The Simple Knot: As its name implies, a simple-knotted necktie is a straightforward choice for a groom with other priorities. “Your look reflects your ready-for-adventure personality,” notes Leaver.
  • The Windsor Knot: This wide, symmetrical style indicates an attention to detail and is the definition of dapper: “Like the Duke himself,” Leaver says.
  • The Prince Albert Knot: The groom who chooses this advanced knot isn’t one to shy away from a challenge, says Leaver: “You’re a man who’s willing to work hard to get what he wants.”
  • The Bolo: Leaver says choosing this Texas staple demonstrates that “you’re a man who’s proud of his history and isn’t afraid to show it.”

Far from a black-or-white issue, tuxedo trimmings stir up great debate. Julian Leaver weighs in on a groom’s toughest sartorial selections.

Bow tie vs. Necktie:
“To each his own, but I lean toward the classic bow tie as the ultimate in tuxedo trimming.”

Black vs. White:
“The dress code will dictate the color, but nothing trumps a white tie with white gloves for the ultimate tuxedo moment.”

Wing-Tip Collar vs. Spread Collar:
“Here, I deviate from tradition and lean toward the wing-tip collar. I love this look paired with just a great set of suspenders—without a vest or cummerbund—to create a more modern twist on a timeless classic.”

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