After Eloping, Catalina Celemin and Michael Assaad Celebrate With a Flower-Packed Party

Catalina Celemin

Michael Assaad

February 15, 2020

Catalina Celemin and Michael Assaad know how to take things slow. Prior to their first date, the couple began their courtship by exchanging emails. As their relationship progressed, they discussed getting married years down the road. So naturally, Catalina was caught by surprise when three years into dating, Michael proposed in the Whakarewarewa Forest while on a trip to New Zealand. “I was not expecting it whatsoever,” she says. “I think he was throwing me off the scent!” The couple returned to New Zealand for an intimate destination wedding, then on February 15, 2020, held a Dallas reception for family and friends that blended her Colombian background with his Syrian heritage. 


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