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Cherry App Is the Real Deal—And It’s Perfect for Wedding Parties

I don’t enjoy getting my nails done. It’s boring. No magazine (and I love magazines!) can save me from the torture of knowing that there are a million other things I could be doing. I usually bolt out the salon door before everything has dried, stubbing a finger or toe, and accidentally undoing the fastidiously applied hand and foot polish.

Plus, is it just me, or is there something unseemly about getting your nails clipped, scrubbed, and polished in the midst of strangers? It’s just not…dignified. But doing my own nails is not an option, either. And grooming is important. This is Dallas, after all.

Amber Venz Box, founder of rewardStyle, and Whitney Wolfe Herd, founder of Bumble, have a solution: an on-demand nail service that will meet you anywhere. “Cherry is really for the woman who wants to have it all,” Wolfe Herd said in an interview with D Magazine. It took me about 30 seconds to download the app and book an appointment.

My Cherry App Pro, Thao, texted me that she was on her way ten minutes before the appointment. She arrived right on time. We sat outside in the backyard and chatted while she gave me a waterless manicure and pedicure. (When you think about it, you don’t need the water.) While the app is wildly popular with moms, it is also the perfect solution for wedding parties. You can rent out a salon, but why not host your friends at your house for the same (and maybe even cheaper) price? Add a bottle or two of champagne, and it’s a party.

As she applied the topcoat at the end of the appointment, Thao told me how much better the app is than working in a salon. “I would get bored!” she said, and I nodded my head in agreement. We both wanted professional nail care on our own terms. It was a win-win, hands down.

Cherry App manicures start at $35, pedicures start at $45. 

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