Caroline Cauley and Kyle Padron’s Wedding Ended the Way Their Relationship Started: With a Dance

Some say the key to love is persistence. In 2011, Kyle Padron could not take his eyes off Caroline Cauley as she and her family walked into a church’s courtyard at a mutual friend’s wedding.

Later at the reception, as Caroline and her friends hit the dance floor, Kyle made a beeline over and asked Caroline, “Will you dance with me?” After receiving no for an answer, Kyle remained persistent in his pursuit. Kyle asked Caroline one more time right in front of her parents, and thanks to the encouragement from her mother, Caroline agreed to a dance. As the two walked onto the dance floor, Caroline’s mom shouted, “It’s not like you’re going to marry him or anything!”

Five years later, Kyle decided it was time to ask the girl he couldn’t take eyes off of to marry him. Kyle planned a night out for Caroline, starting with drinks at his new favorite spot. Caroline was thrown off when Kyle began driving on back roads. Suddenly, the two arrived at the courtyard of the church where they met eyes for the first time. They got out of the car and Kyle asked Caroline, “Will you dance with me?” After their dance, Kyle got down on one knee. “I’m the luckiest girl to have married such a thoughtful man,” Caroline says.

Caroline and Kyle agreed on two things when it came to their wedding decor: Their wedding color would be icy blue and their wedding look would be classic. “We didn’t have a theme for our wedding, but we wanted it to be timeless,” says the bride.

After the reception, the newlyweds’ family and friends left the ballroom, leaving the two alone for a moment they will never forget. One last time before their honeymoon, Kyle asked Caroline, “Will you dance with me?” And once again, the two danced as husband and wife, taking them back to where it all started.


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