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Dallas Wedding Planners Dish Out the Pros and Cons of the More Debatable Wedding Decisions

A famous English writer once said, “To be or not to be? That is the question.” But in the world of weddings, the more pressing question is: “To do or not to do?” We sat down with local wedding planners to pick their brains about all the pros and cons of the more controversial wedding decisions and whether to do (or not to do) them.

This week, we chatted with Jess Wegner of Jess Wegner Events. Check back in the coming weeks for more from Jess and other planners.

Spray Tan

  • Pro: You’ll have a gorgeous glow!
  • Pro: You will not be washed out against your white wedding dress.
  • Pro: Doing it a few days before will allow for enough time to fix anything that goes wrong.
  • Con: If you haven’t received a spray tan by that person before, they could mess it up.
  • Con: If you’re going into a booth, it could malfunction à la Ross Gellar.
  • Con: Doing it the day of your wedding would cause the formula to rub off on your white dress.


Black Tie Wedding

  • Pro: It elevates the entire party.
  • Pro: It gives your guests the opportunity to get dressed up!
  • Pro: It has a very classic feel to it.
  • Con: Male guests may have to rent a tux if they do not already own one.
  • Con: Etiquette says that black tie wedding ceremonies must start at 7 p.m. or later.

Holiday Wedding

  • Pro: It feels more magical.
  • Pro: You’ve got a built-in theme.
  • Pro: You’ll never forget the date!
  • Con: Guests may already have plans or are out of town.
  • Con: It could inadvertently feel “themey”.
  • Con: Some couples might prefer a date that is unique to them.

Outdoor Ceremony

  • Pro: You’ve got gorgeous lighting for pictures.
  • Pro: It’s a natural backdrop that can stand on its own two feet.
  • Pro: You’ve got a blank slate, for the most part.
  • Con: The threat of inclement weather or rain could be unpredictable.
  • Con: You might have to put up with a few bugs!
  • Con: There could be surrounding noise during your ceremony.

Heavy Hors d’oeuvres vs. a Sit-Down Dinner

  • Pro: It’s less expensive.
  • Pro: There’s more time for dancing!
  • Pro: You won’t have to rent as many items (china, glass, and silver).
  • Con: People will come hungry expecting a meal.
  • Con: People might be confused as to if or when the meal is coming.
  • Con: Without a lot of food to soak up the alcohol, guests could get overly imbibed.


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