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Don’t Toss (Out) That Bouquet

Look to Kelsey Glass of Wylie-based Glasshouse Collections to transform your beloved wedding-day bouquet into a treasured keepsake. Whether framed in a shadow box, pressed in a floating frame, or transformed into resin trays or coasters, Glass’ preservation services ensure your blooms will last forever (though some color fading can be expected). As opposed to hanging flowers upside down to air dry, which leaves blooms wrinkled and brittle, Glass’ method leaves flowers more resilient and maintain the smooth look of fresh petals.

While it’s best to start the process as soon as possible—Glass can pick up flowers following the event, or they can be shipped to her studio—she can work with flowers at just about any stage. For Glass, the best part of her job is the joy of knowing she’s helping brides hold onto their memories: “[These flowers] represent one of the most important days of your life,” she says. “Throwing them away seems almost unbearable.” Turnaround time is typically four to six weeks, depending on the presentation, with resin creations starting at $50 and preserving starting at $100.

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