Engaged: Diana Scharffenberger & Matthew Koch

The Couple

Diana and Matt can only describe their first encounter at the University of Oklahoma as love at first sight. The couple was inseparable from the first time they met at the Lambda Chi fraternity house. Diana, a public relations major, and Matt, a double major in energy management and finance, have many special memories from their time in college that they’ll always reflect on. After they graduated, the couple moved to separate cities but still kept up with each other and remained close friends. “We always, always knew that some day, somehow, we would end up together,” says Diana. A few years later, they were back in Dallas and “the stars perfectly aligned.” The couple didn’t let any more time go by and started dating immediately, and it was clear that they would never be apart again.

The Proposal

For New Years this year, the couple flew to California to see OU, their alma mater, play in the Rose Bowl. The next day, the couple took the scenic drive to Ranchos Palos Verdes. Matt was acting unusually nervous on their way to a resort called Terranea, where they had dinner reservations. Once they arrived, he suggested that they take a walk around the resort. The duo ventured down to a cliff overlooking the ocean. With the naturally romantic background set in place, Matt got down on one knee and proposed to Diana. “It was the most fairytale-like moment of my life,” she says. Afterward, the couple had dinner and popped champagne to celebrate.

The Wedding

The wedding will be at Perkins Chapel followed by a reception at The Adolphus on January 19th, 2019.

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