Engaged: Tiffani Grosser & Thomas Anderson

The Couple

Tiffani Grosser is a born and raised Dallasite, while Thomas Anderson is a Texas “transplant” who has been here almost his whole life. They went to high school together, running around with all of the same crowds, but never met. They first met during a Twitter dispute between mutual friends about baseball. Thomas sent Tiffani a cheesy one-liner about “southern charm.” A few weeks later, they began dating when he was home from college for the summer and she had just graduated high school. They both thought it’d only be a summer fling: Tiffani thinking Thomas was too goofy, and Thomas thinking Tiffani was sassy. By the end of the summer, they knew their summer fling was meant to be so much more. Five years later, both Tiffani and Thomas are about to graduate from the University of North Texas.

The Proposal

Every year, Thomas and Tiffani try to plan a trip on their anniversary and his birthday, since they fall on the same week. This year was no different, and Thomas planned a trip for them to New York. When their delayed flight finally landed in New York, they had been up since 3 a.m., and they were incredibly exhausted. All Tiffani wanted to do was get their bags, take a 30-minute power nap, and grab some lunch so that they could explore the city with some energy. Well, Thomas didn’t agree with that plan. He rushed to get their bags and rushed her to get in line for the taxis. When they finally got a taxi and made it to where they were staying in East Village, Tiffani was nauseous, exhausted, and hungry. Before they left to explore, Tiffani realized she needed to put something else in the backpack, but Thomas wouldn’t let her even attempt to open it –which she just attributed to all of his rushing. Then, they darted out the door, with the promise to get food by Central Park. Being first-timers on the subway, they accidentally rode two stops further than needed, so they both just decided to get off and walk into the park. The first thing they saw off the subway was the Metropolitan Museum. Tiffani was absolutely enamored, but once again–Thomas rushed them past it. They continued walking, practically running to the park, just to get to “some bridge.” They stood around taking photos for a minute and found someone to take pictures of them. Before any pictures, Thomas rummaged through the backpack and was ready. At first, the images were taken up close, and Tiffani was laying her head on his chest. She could feel his heart beating out of his chest! Two thoughts occurred to her–either he was about to have a seizure (which is plausible, as he had epilepsy as a little boy), or he knew something Tiffani didn’t. The lady handed them back Tiffani’s phone, but Thomas immediately asked if she could take a few farther back. Tiffani attempted to step back into the place where they had just been standing, but Thomas was gone. She turned right to see where he had gone, buthe was down on one knee! At that moment, she felt like her heart was going to jump out of her chest. Right there, in front of the Bethesda Fountain, the lake, and hundreds of New York’s tourists alike, Thomas was down on one knee, asking Tiffani to marry him.

The Wedding

The couple is getting married in an intimate beach ceremony in Gulf Shores, Alabama on Saturday, September 29, 2018.

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