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Gifts to Give Your Groom on the Day of Your Wedding

Before you and your man exchange vows, give him a personal reminder of your love that he can keep for the rest of your lives together—a little something that each time he sees it, his mind will drift back to the day you said “I do.”

D Weddings chatted with Billy Langhenry, owner of Mister Tuxedo, to pick his brain about the best gifts a bride could get her groom on the day of their wedding.

“Obviously, a silk bow tie and cummerbund set would elevate his attire and be useful on his wedding day. We have two suppliers of 100 percent English or Italian silk cummerbund sets, both handmade in America. We also offer needlepoint cummerbunds with a custom monogram or with whimsical motifs.”

“We also offer velvet Albert slippers a groom could wear with his tuxedo.”

“Some of our favorite gifts are sterling silver accessories such as monogrammed cuff links, stud sets, or belt buckles. These are both personalized and memorable. A sterling stud set is perfect for the day of the wedding, as well as every time a man wears black tie. A belt buckle provides daily use and will last for generations as a family heirloom.”

“We carry a fine selection of exotic leather goods as well, such as American alligator, caiman crocodile, ostrich, or lizard wallets, card cases, and belts. Any of these provide years of frequent use, and their refined luxury makes them an elegant gift.”

“Finally, we can source a variety of other gifts such as flasks, knives, etc.”

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