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How Can I Be Sure I’ll Love My Flowers on my Wedding Day?

How do I know that the look I talked about with my florist is the look I’m going to get on the day of? Can I ask for a sample arrangement before the big day?

Expert: Marion Marshall, Creative Director of Absolutely Blooming

There has to be a level of honesty and trust between the couple and florist. In this day and age of Instagram, Facebook, and other social media, the couple should select a florist whose style they like. Some florists don’t like Pinterest, but I do. It can give me direction, and I can advise a couple on style and cost. Is it going to be exactly like the picture from Pinterest? No. It is impossible—another florist created that work.

Yes, you can ask for a sample, however, there may be a cost associated with it. Before hiring a florist, ask if they will provide a “mock up” or sample and if there is a cost associated with this service. Never assume it is included. Why does it cost extra? The florist has to purchase specific flowers, pay a designer, and may not need all of the flowers or be able to use them in another project. You are asking them to absorb this cost. Remember, you should ask specific questions first. We want this to be a great experience for you.

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