How Do I Create Meaningful Moments on the Wedding Day That Result in Emotion-Filled Images?

Expert: Professional Photographer, Catie Ann Perez from Catie Ann Photography

How Do I Create Meaningful Moments on the Wedding Day That Result in Emotion-Filled Images?

As someone who lives for capturing meaningful moments, I’d love to share how a couple can incorporate specific moments into their day that results in meaningful images.

Before discussing what a couple should do, I think knowing what to avoid is equally as important. The goal with meaningful moments is that they are authentic. It’s so easy to see an image on social media and want to recreate it. It’s possible to do, but without a level of authenticity, the meaning and impact fall flat. True moments that are authentic to your day may not look the same as the viral photos you see online, but can be just as impactful.

One moment I recommend is a First Look. This doesn’t have to be with your partner if you want to savor that moment walking down the aisle, but it could be with a parent, grandparent, wedding party, or any other VIPs in your life. To maximize the moment, avoid letting those special people see your full wedding attire until that exact moment. Trust me, this can be a really emotional and impactful moment for both of you.

Another meaningful moment to incorporate is a hand-written letter. I personally love capturing parents’ reactions to reading a letter. I generally pull them to the side so they feel comfortable being vulnerable, and just let the moment unfold. A simple note letting them know what their support has meant to you over the years is a moment that spans far beyond the impact of an image.

One way to make your wedding more unique that also contributes to more candid and meaningful images is to showcase something that is truly you. For instance, I shot a wedding with a groom whose athletic career recently skyrocketed, so the bride’s family created a video of his journey to fame. Talk about impact! Watching his face during the surprise presentation was absolutely heartwarming. Thinking of ways to honor your new spouse or his or her family, or spotlighting something you’re personally proud of achieving, will bring an unexpected level of fun and a personal connection to the wedding day.

Above all, communicate your goals with your photographer. Let the photographer know you plan to incorporate these special moments into your day, so they don’t get missed. Working them into the timeline (even if they are surprises) is crucial to ensuring the moments unfold in a relaxed and natural way. Weddings are a really emotional and joy-filled experience on their own, but finding ways to personalize and add even more special moments throughout the day will result in more of the candid-type images you will treasure for years to come.

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