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13 Steps to Being the Best Maid-of-Honor (and Sister) Ever

When your sister gets married, the maid-of-honor role feels less like a duty and more like a calling. Claire Sedmak’s sister Molly wed in Charleston this winter, and she took to Instagram stories to document the big day. “I think every MOH feels stressed to say the right thing and to appear at ease,” says Claire. “It is so important to be confident in yourself and in the relationship you have with the bride.”

Every bride is different and so are her expectations for your maid-of-honor role. For Claire, it was more of a matter of moral support. Her sister Molly had a clear vision of what she wanted for the wedding, so Claire only provided opinions when asked. This was deliberate: “It was important for me that my sister be happy with everything and that it was to HER liking, and that is why I was careful to give my thoughts when asked.”

At the same time, Claire did not shy away from the range of maid-of-honor duties that we all are familiar with, from “making sure the bride was rested for the big day” to “being the buffer between the bride and other family members when stressed” to “zipping and fluffing the dress.” But she advises against getting caught up in the duties and taking it too seriously. “I would say having a spirit of FUN, bringing some laughter, and helping your bride live in the moment are most important!”

One last tip? “Make sure you kill it with your MOH speech. Your bride chose you, so she wants you to tell stories and moments that only you can share,” Claire says. “I know it seems like a lot of pressure, but keep it natural, from the heart, and true to you.”

Step 13: Make sure to post a picture (or two). Congratulations to my beautiful sister and my new brother-in-law. What a special weekend celebrating with our family and friends. MOH out šŸŽ¤*drop.

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