Katie Lemon and Will Decker’s Parisian Engagement Set the Tone for Their Classic Wedding

Will Decker and Katie Lemon’s relationship spanned almost five years and four cities before they became engaged in Paris. Will asked Katie to marry him in a little apartment on Rue Montorgueil before heading out to dinner. The romantic engagement was much like their wedding day—classic, sentimental, and personal, almost like it belonged in a painting. In fact, Katie looked to the Dutch masters to set the tone for their wedding day on November 17, 2018. Fruit adorned the layered cake, smilax vines wrapped around the columns at Arlington Hall, and the bride carried a boa made of baby’s breath. “We really wanted the whole evening to feel like this Old World, cozy wedding at home,” Katie says. “I told my florist that I wanted it to be very moody, and he definitely delivered.”

Bridal Beauty
To adorn her Inbal Dror gown, Katie chose a baby’s breath boa inspired by the Rodarte Spring/Summer 2018 runway show. “I had a hard time imagining myself carrying a bouquet and opted for something slightly less traditional,” she says. “It added a really beautiful element of drama.”

About Vase
“Junior [at Garden Gate] has an incredible collection of vessels in his studio, and after having spoken with me and taking a look at my invitation, we picked out a variety of vases that incorporated those elements into the reception,” Katie says.

A Work of Art
Katie wanted the chocolate and vanilla layered cake to look like a still-life painting, hence the artfully placed fruit and flowers.

Invitation Inspiration
“I adapted the invitation from an antique chinoiserie panel that I had long ago fallen for, and it truly was a labor of love,” explains Katie. From there, the birds became the unintentional theme of the wedding. They were displayed on the website, save the dates, napkins, cups, and stickers for the welcome baskets. “They even made an appearance on our ‘just married’ sign of the getaway car,” she says.

Going Green
“When collaborating with Junior, I had the idea to add smilax to the columns of Arlington Hall,” explains planner Kirstin Rose of Kirstin Rose Events. “I thought it would be the perfect continuation of Katie’s vision. The greenery softened the otherwise grand and bold white columns.”

Get Your Kicks
“I love boots and generally wear them year-round, so it really was the only choice when it came to picking out something to go with my dress,” Katie says of her sparkly Jimmy Choos. 


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