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A Letter to Future Brides from the Publisher of D Weddings

Dear Reader,

You’re getting married a receiving a lot of advice. But I would be remiss if I didn’t share what I’ve learned from the hundreds of married couples we’ve published in our 15-year history. First, choose your vendors carefully. Our partners are the best in the city, and we recommend them highly. Study the magazine from start to finish, with an eye for ideas and services that speak to you. Here are a few other suggestions to make your wedding the best day of your life.

Take a night before the wedding to be with your family.

Watch “Father of the Bride” or any movie that will remind you that no matter what happens the weekend of your wedding, it will all be wonderful in the end.

Practice reading your vows aloud.

It can be unnerving the first few time you hear yourself say them, so be prepared.

Check in with your future in-laws to make sure they are well tended.

Your future mother-in-law may be feeling a little sad about sharing her child, so write her a thank you note for raising her child to be the individual he or she is today.

And, of course, carve out time for you and your future spouse to chill together.

Write a note to your fiancé, expressing how excited you are to spend the rest of your life at their side.

Finally, enjoy that last week before the big event.

Cherish it, and put stress aside. It will be magnificent, I promise.


Maura B. Jones.


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