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How to Dress Your Bridal Squad

Bridal Boutique of Lewisville and Beside the Bride’s Amy Hidalgo gives us her take on creating a cohesive and flattering bridesmaid look.

Gather Your Squad

Bring as many bridesmaids as you can to your appointment so you can make a joint decision, especially if you are doing different styles and shapes for each bridesmaid.

Flatter Every Body Shape

A popular trend is selecting a color you love, and then allowing each bridesmaid to find a dress that feels the most comfortable. This allows for different dresses and styles for each bridesmaid while keeping uniformity in the color. Most bridesmaids know the shape they prefer on their own body, and then the gown can be ordered in the correct color.

Narrow It Down

We recommend that the bride pick out the color and fabric, and then we show the group gowns that come in that color. Bring a picture and we can pull the best five to seven options we have in that style. Usually this process results in enough choices to make a decision.

Talk About the Budget

Discuss pricing with your bridesmaids before the appointment. It makes it way less awkward when it comes to ordering the gowns. If the bride is going to pay for part of the dress, we can do a split payment for each bridesmaid so that is taken care of at the appointment.

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