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Steal This Look: Caroline Brady and Tanner Moseley’s Gorgeous Getaway

Caroline Brady & Tanner Moseley
May 29, 2021

When Caroline Brady and Tanner Moseley needed a method of transportation to whisk them away following their nuptials on May, 29, 2021, they knew just the vehicle for the job: Caroline’s dad’s 1957 Porsche 356A Speedster, which he had painstakingly restored over five years. Early in their relationship, Tanner, also a car buff, had bonded with his future father-in-law over the project. Once engaged, the couple knew its timeless styling would pair perfectly with their classic wedding-day aesthetic. “There was never a question that this was the perfect getaway car for our big day,” Caroline says. “We wanted to choose a car that would be in our family for years to come, so we can one day show our kids.”

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