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The Weekly Love List: Holiday Decor

Each week, we ask the D Weddings editors to share their current crushes—from skincare regimens, honeymoon destinations, or registry must-haves. Consider “The Weekly Love List” your D Weddings editor-approved wish list for before, during, and after wedding day.

With Christmas less than two weeks away, we polled our editors for their favorite holiday decor.

Bottle brush trees

Palo Santo and Pinon wood. Nothing beats the smells. To me holidays are all about familiarity and burning logs always put me in my happy place. For décor, I try to go “real” any chance I get but if not, I have an addiction for bottle brush trees.

—Jamie Laubhan-Oliver, Creative and Editorial Director


Avant Garden wreath

I’m one lazy chick, so I just throw a wreath on my front door so the outside world thinks I’m way more together and festive than I really am. I do get a really nice wreath, though. It’s from Avant Garden’s little corner in the Highland Park Village Royal Blue Grocery and it comes with a big red bow.

—Caitlin Clark, Online Managing Editor

Faux Reindeer Taxidermy

I am in a 500 sq. ft. apartment, but hosting a Christmas dinner, so there is not really room for a huge fat tree but I want it to be festive! I found this faux deer head that would be fun to hang on my wall all year, I have 18ft. walls so I need lots of things to fill it. This Urban Farmhouse Design one is cool because you can add your own branches for the antlers! Super farmhouse/rustic but who cares. So I am going to get huge branches and then add fun bright ornaments to that! So I am still festive without the hassle of a tree!

—Morganne Stewart, Production Manager

Potted Berry and Sage Topiary

When it comes to holiday greenery and decor, sometimes it’s hard to find something slightly nontraditional. I love this faux potted berry and sage topiary because it has a more minimalistic, European vibe and would look great on a front porch or tabletop if you’re looking for something a little simpler.

—Sarah Bennett, Managing Editor

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