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Tipping Etiquette For Your Wedding

It’s no secret that pretty weddings cost a pretty penny. It’s easy to fork out money for the flowers and dresses—and even, well, the forks—but it’s just as important to budget some cash to tip your vendors. D Weddings spoke with Beth Murray and Kimberly Vines of Two Girls in Pearls Events to get the lowdown on wedding tipping etiquette.

D Weddings: Who should you be prepared to tip for your wedding?

Beth Murray: The vendors who should be tipped are the ones who render services: hair and makeup, the DJ or band, waitstaff, bartenders, and any other service provider you feel has gone above and beyond. Don’t forget their assistants!

DW: How much should you tip each of those people? Does your wedding budget determine how much you tip?

BM: How much you should tip varies per type of vendor. Some services will get a percentage, such as hair and makeup (15-25 percent), while others will get a flat rate (DJs are usually $100-$150).  You should also refer to your contract for gratuity or service charge—some automatically include it in the contract. Couples should plan on gratuity while putting together their budget no matter how much they are intending to spend for their wedding. We offer our brides a gratuity guide so they know how much to budget for services.

DW: If you are tipping a group of people (i.e. waiters), should you just give a large sum to the company to divide up or should you personally tip each person a certain percent?

BM: It is preferred that the head of the service staff receive the tip envelope and that person can divide it among staff accordingly.

DW: Should you tip on the day of your wedding? Before? After?

BM: Tipping should be done toward the end of the reception or after a service has been completed.  You can always give the gratuity envelopes to your planner and they will be happy to disperse them.


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