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Videography 101: What to know before the cameras roll

Experts Adrianne Porcelli of Turquoise Video Productions, Jason Traub of Elixir Entertainment, and Summer Satterfield of Summer Films weigh in.

Why hire a videographer?

“As videographers, we hear this all the time. ‘I don’t know if I need video.’ No, you don’t need video. You also don’t need little napkins with your names on them, but we see those at weddings almost 95 percent of the time. Why do you want video? Because it’s like having a little documentary of your wedding day preserved for a lifetime.”—Adrianne Porcelli

“Photos are great, but they leave out a lot of the emotion and excitement that a great video clip can provide. Laughter, tears, joy, and more are truly conveyed in a great wedding video.”—Jason Traub

“It’s the only day in your life where all the people you love are gathered in one place at once, and video allows you to hear and see them moving—a whole different level of emotion than just a still photo.”—Summer Satterfield

What should a bride look for when hiring?

If there is a special shot you would like to set up, by all means, it’s your day. But videographers have a special affinity for capturing the moment. “Our approach is to show the couple and their families a glimpse of reality and not produce or pose anyone. Weddings go by so quickly. We’d never want to take any time away from that by telling couples what to do or say.”—A.P.

What are the rules about music?

Yes, there are copyright laws by which to abide. No, it’s not a big deal. The videographer handles everything. “I wish I could use any song out there, but for legality’s sake, we license music from a few sites. The music has everything to do with making a good wedding video, so we take the job of choosing that very seriously.”—A.P.

Any insider tips?

“I think it’s wise to consider the videographer when planning the itinerary and setup of the night. Make sure there are a couple of good spots for the cameras during the ceremony, and have good lighting for the bride and groom, not only during the ceremony, but during the main dancing and toasts.”—J.T.

Red flags?

“Be careful if the price is too low. Anything worthwhile will cost you something.”—S.S.

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