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Wabi-Sabi Vintage Shares Delicate Details to Incorporate on Your Wedding Day

Growing up, Lindy Corley often found herself shopping estate sales and vintage stores alongside her mom, Rhonda, on the weekends. Always impressed by Rhonda’s ability to find diamonds in the rough, Lindy watched as their stack of treasures grew over the years—especially the dishes.

While Rhonda was saving the vintage dishes for Lindy’s future wedding, Lindy, who had carved out a career in styling, had another idea: start a business.

Rhonda was already split between a career in medical sales and running a yoga studio in Sherman, and didn’t have the time for a new endeavor—until she did. “For health reasons and due to stress, she quit her job in the medical field, so she was just doing yoga,” Lindy says. “She finally called me and she was like, ‘OK, let’s do this.'”

And so in 2016 the mother-daughter duo founded Wabi-Sabi—a vintage tabletop rental company that will supply specialty dishware for all your event needs, whether it’s a bridal shower, baby shower, luncheon, or intimate wedding. With Rhonda as the dish scout, Lindy takes responsibility for the the creative side, which means social media and styling the pieces.

“A lot of catering businesses already have their dishware and it’s most likely going to be solid colors,” Lindy says. “Not to say that their dishes might not be nice, but they won’t have those really fun details that we have. So we’re basically in the business of bringing details to your event.”

Before Wabi-Sabi officially launched, one of Rhonda and Lindy’s final orders of business was deciding on a name, which proved to be a simple task.

“I was going over names I had found, and Wabi-Sabi was one of them. I was reading this design book, and that name really spoke to me because it’s about accepting things from the past into your present,” Lindy says. “[My mom] said ‘I cannot believe you just said because I was just watching HGTV and they were talking about the wabi-sabi aesthetic.’ So both of us were like, ‘That was meant to be.'”

While Wabi-Sabi was founded in Sherman, Rhonda and Lindy are in the process of moving operations to Dallas, but no matter where their headquarters are located, Lindy believes younger people crave the sort of details Wabi-Sabi provides.   

“My generation, when we go to an event, a party, or a restaurant we want to Instagram it. We want to take photos of it. Literally, our life is about details,” Lindy says. “That’s what Wabi-Sabi is trying to bring to any event, whether it be a party, a baby shower, a bridal shower, or actual wedding. We’re trying to give it character and something for people to take photos of, become interested in, and feel very involved.”

In the above slideshow, Lindy shared some of those details with D Weddings, and explained why they would be a good addition to your wedding day or event.

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