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Consider These 3 Things Before Hiring Your Caterer

Tastings are often the highlight of wedding planning. For one, they’re a piece of the planning pie that you and your S.O. can enjoy together. The toughest part? Finding the right caterer for you. Jill Price, Director of Catering and Event Management at the Westin Galleria Dallas, recommends you consider the following before hiring your cater.

1. Buffet vs. Seated Dinner

Knowing the chef’s area of expertise might give you the answer you need to make this difficult decision quite easy. If you still can’t decide, then do both. I love to start off a wedding reception with an elegant, plated salad so guests feel waited on. Since this occurs at the beginning of a reception, you can ensure that guests are all seated while you have the first course and perhaps do the obligatory welcome, blessings, first dances, or anything else for which you would like your guests to be seated. Your guests can then enjoy the benefits of a buffet with a variety of foods to try.

If by chance you decide to go with food stations or buffet, you will want to ask the venue if they set their dinner tables. The venue might place the silverware and napkins on the buffets, which leave your tables looking incomplete without the full place settings.

2. Serving Style

Ensure your venue is flexible with their menu options and is willing to work with you to reflect the style and tastes of the bride and groom. Don’t be shy about asking to see pictures of food presentations the chef has prepared. This will help you focus on the vision that you and the caterer create. Also, a great chef will ensure that they are using the freshest seasonal foods. Keep this in mind when selecting your menu items.

3. Dessert Fun

I love to see a plethora of small, sweet bites presented creatively for guests to snack on for the remainder of a reception. This is prime time for you to be imaginative and playful.

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