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Are You Traditional or Fashion Forward? How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress, According to Your Style

The expert bridal stylists at StarDust Celebrations dish on how to find the perfect wedding dress for you in Dallas.

Plan Ahead

Bring pictures (from Pinterest, magazines, and the web) of what you like. Do some basic research on designers’ styles and price points and know how they align with yours. Compose a list of adjectives to describe the feel you want to achieve. Here are five fairly encompassing styles we see brides interested in most often:

  1. Unique, fashion forward, sexy: “J.Lo-ish”
  2. Light, whimsical, airy, flowing: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream-ish”
  3. Classic, elegant, traditional: “Grace Kelly-ish”
  4. Rustic, easy to move, romantic
  5. ’20s or ’30s Art Deco: “Gatsby-ish”

Trust Your Stylist

While we love for you to come in with your own thoughts and ideas about what you’re looking for, we encourage you to be open- minded! Our stylists are all bridal professionals with years of experience and are experts at finding brides their perfect wedding gown. While you may not initially like something on the hanger, don’t be afraid to try it on! More than 60 percent of brides deviate from their original vision of ‘the dress.’ We have so many brides who think they won’t like a certain silhouette, but as soon as they try it on and see how it fits, it totally transforms their ideas and will often end up being the gown they wear down the aisle.”

Keep the Circle of Influence Small

Limit the number of guests you bring and keep it to people whose opinions you respect and those you trust to listen to your wishes above their own. We suggest no more than three people.

Know Your Timeline

Allow yourself six to eight months of lead time. Gowns take four to five months to make, and you’ll want to consider alterations time (allow four to six weeks) and time for a bridal portrait (about two months) if you’re taking one.

Maximize Your Time

Communicate with your stylist about what you like and don’t like once a dress is on, being as specific as possible. Also, be considerate of your bridal stylist’s—and other brides’—time. If you’re shopping during a weekend, your stylist probably has a full schedule, so arrive on time and be aware of the scheduled end time.

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