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Wedding Fragrances for Five Unique Bridal Personalities

Special scents create a strange phenomenon in our memory. Fragrances provide time-traveling ability in a unique way photos and videos cannot reach. Photographers, videographers, and loved ones heavily document wedding day, but capturing the day’s romance in a smell we can only describe as poetic. We asked fragrance guru Shasa Mitcham from Forty Five Ten to hand select fragrances that complement five bride-to-be personalities. Spritz the aroma on anniversaries and special occasions to relive the celebration over and over again. 

The Life of the Party

“The fragrance is bright, colorful, and festive.”

Byredo “Flowerhead,” $230.

wedding fragrance


The Creative

“This scent describes a woman so deep and intense, it evokes the imagery of fire and flames.”

Serge Lutens “Cracheuse de Flammes,” $700.

wedding fragrance


The Sophisticate

“The fragrance manages to capture the essence of sensuality and sophistication in one strikingly mysterious perfume.”

Ex Nihilo “Fleur Narcotique,” $225.

wedding fragrance


The Romantic

“It features an intoxicating, lush bouquet of white florals against a backdrop of sensual and velvety musks.”
Le Labo “Lys 41,” $270.

wedding fragrance


The Glamour Girl

“It’s no surprise the tuberose comes with the reputation of being the epitome of luxury
and fragility.”

Eric Buterbaugh “Regal Tuberose,” $495.

wedding fragrance







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