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Wedding Planning? Think (Far) Ahead

Q and A with Molly Rasmussen, Founder and Wedding Planner behind Pop Parties


Q: Even in the best of times, why is wedding planning well in advance important?

A: As always in wedding planning, good things take time. Great design, proper logistics planning, and building the best wedding day teams don’t just happen overnight. Beginning the planning process by booking early and using a wedding planner has always been a benefit when wedding planning and setting a wedding budget. You get first choice on vendors and dates, have more time for research, and get extra time to save money and pay vendors, whether your wedding is in the Dallas-Fort Worth area or a destination wedding. A few wedding planning ideas to keep in mind:

First choice of wedding venue and vendors. You’ll get the band you’ve always admired so you can start preparing the playlist, the videographer you want, the space you’ve dreamed about, the perfect wedding flowers and wedding cake, and the photographer you’ve hoped for by booking your big day well in advance.

More time for research and design. The wedding checklist and creative process to determine your wedding style takes time so that your wedding will be unique and tailored just for you. By getting the initial planning phase out of the way early, it leaves time for you and your planner/designer to dream up something special and not feel rushed in creativity.

Space out decision-making and payments. Booking early allows you the opportunity to space out decisions and payments, so that your stress level is eased and the financial burden can be distributed throughout a longer period of time.

Q: Because of COVID-19, we will set our date even farther out than the typical year-long engagement. What should I know to plan well, given current circumstances?

A: Talk it Out. Be completely transparent with your vendors about your concerns about how COVID-19 is affecting weddings and see how they react. Most companies will handle your queries professionally and with ease. Also, ask to have a clause added to each wedding vendor’s contract for your retainer to be transferred in the event of a postponement due to “Acts of God” or “Acts of Man.”

Ask for a payment plan. Payment plans allow you to put down a small upfront fee as a “goodwill” of doing business with that partner. However, it does not change the entire cost of the agreement. A payment plan ensures low upfront liability to you if that pro isn’t in business or can’t fulfill their duties when the time comes.

Invest in Event Insurance. Invest in a $300 to $1,000 event insurance policy for your big day. While many policies still do not cover pandemics, they do cover cancellations for a variety of other reasons and may be a great source to help with unforeseen circumstances for a minimal cost.

Trust the Pros. When all this uncertainty related to COVID-19 passes, you can be sure that your creative partners will be ready to bring the party and give you memories of your wedding day that last forever!

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