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The Rules of Wedding Social Media for Dallas Brides and Guests

Introducing the D Weddings ABCs of Etiquette: Sure, you can flip through Emily Post’s bible of good manners, but what do Dallas brides, planners, and guests expect when it comes to local wedding etiquette? Dallas wedding experts tell us how to graciously navigate every wedding-day situation.

Social media and cell phones are a necessary evil to every event, including weddings. But make sure you’re not tagging or snapping when you’re not invited to do so with these rules from event planner Julian Leaver of Julian Leaver Events.

For the bride and groom:

  • “Put down your phone and enjoy the moment,” Leaver says.
  • “If you do not want people to post photos of your wedding, I suggest you create a phone check and a social media blackout,” he says.
  • If you do allow photos of the event (you can give your guests the go-ahead by creating a wedding hashtag), Leaver suggests tagging the vendors and creatives who worked so hard to make your wedding day beautiful and photoworthy.

For the guests:

  • “If you must use your phone, please, please put it away during the ceremony,” he says. “There is nothing worse than a professional photo of you holding your phone up while the couple is walking down the aisle.”
  • Leaver reminds guests to be sure to use the wedding hashtag. If they took the time to create it, they want you to use it.
  • Don’t even think about bringing or using a selfie stick at a wedding. Leaver doesn’t believe there’s ever a time when this is OK.

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