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You Too Can Have Pippa Middleton’s Perfectly Toned Arms

Beneath that lace cap-sleeved dress—which was a dream, without doubt—there was something even more eye-catching: a pair of perfectly toned arms. Unless you’re donning a puffy eighties number (no judgment, if so!), your arms will likely be on display on your wedding day. Whether you’re interested in a chiseled look or just want to feel strong, the super fit people at Bells & Barbells have created a workout just for you. The best part? You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. Push aside the coffee table, put on your favorite Netflix series, and werk.

For #PippaMiddletonArms, do ten reps of each move below for three or four rounds, 3x a week.

1. Bicep skier kickbacks
2. Shoulder I, Y, T’s
3. Front step combo curls
4. Bicep w-curls
5. Fancy press
6. Bird dog row with tricep kickback
7. DB skullcrushers
8. Plank shoulder taps with static hold finisher!

See video below for form, demonstrated by Bells & Barbells’ founder Katherine Bahlburg. 

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