Behind the Veil: Deno Taglioli of Emerald City Band

In our Behind the Veil and Behind the Scenes series, we get to know the creative, hardworking, and talented individuals behind Dallas weddings. Deno Taglioli of Emerald City Band talks to us about his blessings, who inspired him, and his favorite music albums.

Where are you from? Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.

Where do you live? Live in Plano but spend time with our affiliates in Chicago, LA, Vegas, and Orlando.

How long has Emerald City been around? 36 years! Never imagined we’d be around this long, let alone become the standard in which all others are judged by. BLESSED!

How many people do you work with? Besides Emerald City, we have four other award-winning bands—Limelight, Downtown Fever, Party Machine, and Elevation; 10 full-time project managers in the office providing every bride the five-star standard; and 70 of the best musicians and entertainers from around the world.

What do you love about your job? Everything! I love planning with the bride, introducing the newlyweds, seeing the dance floor packed from beginning to end. I love seeing 20-year-olds partying right beside the 70-year-olds and most of all I love hearing, “This is the best wedding I’ve ever been to!”

Describe your average work day Every hour of every day is something new. I was in Rhode Island for a meeting yesterday, I’m having lunch this afternoon with a bride and we’re performing at the Aria in Las Vegas Saturday night. It’s a 24/7 joyride and it keeps me young.

Best cup of Coffee in Dallas A great cup of coffee is not as much about where, but who I’m having it with.

What was your first job? Playing weddings when I was 14 in Detroit with my best friend Alan Hoffman and his dad.

Who or what inspires you? My mom for recognizing my love of music and pointing me in the right direction and my dad for showing me what it takes to be a great entertainer.

Favorite Albums Pink Floyd, “Dark Side of the Moon;” Queen, “Night at The Opera;” and every Frank Sinatra and The Beatles record.

Favorite Restaurants Uchi, Mexican Sugar, and Kenny’s Smoke House, to name a few.

Wedding trends Colors, food, and cool locations are always trending, but now brides are now asking us to help them bring together the best of the best—from customizing the music, staging, and lighting to planners and videographers. For us, I think this trend has a lot to do with clients knowing and trusting our reputation and consistency over the last 36 years.

Weddings Faux pas Usually, anything goes at a reception, but it can get a little much when a guest jumps on stage and starts hitting on the drums or grabs a mic and starts singing.

Favorite wedding song My personal choice is “You are Mine,” a song I wrote for LeeAnne Locken who’s on the TV show “Housewives of Dallas.” Catch it this fall on Bravo network.

Post wedding ritual? I always enjoy spend a few minutes hanging out with the family and guests after the reception.

Favorite wedding and why? It’s a toss-up between Mark Cuban’s wedding with surprise guest Sammy Hagar, or Emmett and Pat Smith’s wedding with their grand entrance into the ballroom on a horse and carriage.

Advice for brides You can have the wedding of your dreams. Start with your budget, make a list of what’s important to you, then call us. After 36 years and over a thousands receptions, no one knows weddings like Emerald City. Besides the fact we have the best bands in the country, we can help provide you (at no cost) the name and numbers of the best vendors in the business. Last but not least, once the reception starts, have a blast! Don’t get caught up in the details or you’ll miss the fun of your own reception.

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