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To Groom’s Cake or Not to Groom’s Cake? Lauren Kitchens Weighs In

Introducing the D Weddings ABCs of Etiquette: Sure, you can flip through Emily Post’s bible of good manners, but what do Dallas brides, planners, and guests expect when it comes to local wedding etiquette? Dallas wedding experts tell us how to graciously navigate every wedding-day situation.

With today’s options for creative sweets, the standard bride’s and groom’s cakes aren’t a requirement—but do what feels right for you and your fiancé. “A groom’s cake can add a lot of interest to your reception, and it’s something the groom can be excited about,” says Lauren Kitchens of Fancy Cakes by Lauren Kitchens.

But when is the right moment to slice a piece and snap a pic? “The cake is the dessert, and there’s no need to cut dessert until after dinner has been served,” she says. “Why dismantle the best centerpiece within the first hour? Let people gather around the cake, take pictures, and enjoy the scene.”

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