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Insider Bridal Advice From Three Industry Professionals

When it comes to planning a wedding, there’s advice aplenty to be had, but sometimes that advice can shift depending on where you are in life. We gathered some tips from three women: one in the thick of the planning process, one recently hitched, and one coming up on more than 15 years of marriage. Even better? All three are industry professionals with an inside knowledge of the world of event planning.

We already checked in with Natalie Knowlton of We the Birds, and today we chat with Molly Rasmussen of Pop Parties who is recently married. Check back in the coming weeks as we touch base with Thisbe Grace of Kiss Me for Eternity photography.

Molly Rasmussen

Owner, Pop Parties

When Molly helped host an event seven years ago, little did she know that it would lead to meeting her future husband. Lucky for Molly, though, her sorority sister brought her boyfriend along to the party, and he in turn brought his friend, Steven. Molly and Steven hit if off immediately, and when Steven proposed six years later while on a trip to Las Vegas with family and friends, Molly didn’t hesitate to say yes. (You can see more of their wedding details here.)

Molly’s Advice

Just go for it: “If you want something, do it (within reason!)—you only get one shot to have the celebration you want.”

Be flexible but focused: “There are a lot of opinions in wedding planning. Try to keep your eye on the ball and stick to what is important to you. Be flexible, because you will need to compromise along the way.”

Insider tip: Hire a wedding planner before you start booking everything. “As a planner, I cannot tell you how many brides we see overspending on their weddings by the time they get to us for planning. Even if you don’t book a planner right away or aren’t sure if you need one, set up a consultation with someone you admire to get a better handle on what all wedding planning entails.”



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