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Julian Leaver Outlines Transportation to Book For Your Wedding Day

Cinderella would’ve been nothing without her horse-drawn carriage. (OK maybe not nothing, but if she would’ve had to walk to that ball, our bet is that her glass slippers would have broken before she even had the chance to lose one.)

Julian Leaver of Julian Leaver Events outlined all the transportation you need on your wedding day so that you’re never left without your horse and carriage, because whether you don Jimmy Choos or Louboutins on the day of your wedding, we don’t want you ruining those shoes just to meet your prince charming at the altar.

D Weddings: How does a bride determine when it’s necessary to book transportation for her guests?

Julian Leaver: The key determining factor is how many of your guests are from out of town, because that is really going to set the tone for how much transportation you are going to provide. If you have a lot of guests from out of town, you’re going to want to transport them from the hotels to the venue or the hotels to the church.

DW: Say the bride is just thinking about herself and her bridal party—then what transportation does she need to book?

JL: Then she would book wherever she’s getting ready; transportation for herself and her bridal party (let’s say she’s getting married at a church) to the church; and then obviously from the church to the reception; then usually the bridal party is on their own once they get to the reception.

The same [goes] for the groom, because if they’re not going to see each other beforehand, they will also need transportation for him and his guys to get to wherever they’re getting married. So, let’s say it’s a church again: They would need to get to the church separately from the bride and the bridal party.

DW: OK, now say they do have a lot of guests come in town. What transportation would they need to think about?

JL: She would then keep the transportation a little longer—let’s say the bride and groom aren’t going to see each other; then what they could do is get transported to the church in separate transportation, then they could use the same (let’s say buses) to help transport her guests. So, each of those buses could go to a separate hotel where people are staying. She already has to pay for four hours for those buses anyway, so she might as well be utilizing them as much as she possibly can.

DW: Do you have any recommendations on companies that are popular or trendy right now?

JL: I would say the best bus company right now is Premier Transportation. The thing that’s really nice for them is that if she has a planner or if she doesn’t, they actually text you information as the day is unfolding. They text you and they email you a picture of the driver, and the driver’s phone number, when the driver is onsite, and they’re just very proactive about giving you the information you need. Maybe the bus driver is lost—you can contact them in a very easy manner.

I would also say there are two great companies that do getaway cars: Romantic Remembrances and Blue Diamond, and they both do kind of vintage cars. And then there’s also a really cool trolley company that’s called IGPort [Limos].

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