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Michelle Nussbaumer and Jan Showers Share Their Secrets to a Successful Marriage

Renowned Dallas designers Michelle Nussbaumer and Jan Showers know a thing or two about creating a beautiful space. They can say the same about a successful marriage.

While Michelle has been married to her husband Bernard for 35 years, Jan has been married to her husband Jim for over 50. In our Spring/Summer 2020 issue, we asked them for the secrets to their marriage success. Here’s what they shared:

Michelle and Bernard Nussbaumer

• Don’t go to sleep mad at each other. Make up before you say goodnight.

• Always accept the other person and don’t ever try to change them. I think that’s the biggest key to my marriage.

• Laugh every day!

Jan and Jim Showers

• Have mutual respect for one another—without that ingredient, no marriage can succeed.

• This sounds trite, but it’s true: Put your spouse first, whatever the circumstances, and expect the same treatment from him or her.

• Always remember the qualities that attracted you to them in the first place.

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